Betty Mbitjana

Born: 1954, Utopia, NT
 Language:   Anmatyerre

Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of acclaimed artist Minnie Pwerle (deceased) and sister of the artist, Barbara Weir. Betty paints the Body Design, Bush Berry and Bush Plum dreaming. Betty’s mother, Minnie and other women used to collect Bush Berry and Bush Plum, cut them up into pieces, skewer them on a piece of wood and dry them to be eaten in times when bush tucker was scarce.  

Betty is carrying on the tradition started by Minnie, painting the designs women would paint on their bodies for ceremonies on the Alyarre/Anmatyerre cultural events.

Ceremonial Body Paint
Art No : BM-109, 
Size : 139 x 95 cm
Aboriginal women paint their body for ceremonies 
Price : 2,600
Sale price : $2,000