Janet Golder

Born: 1973, 
Location: Utopia, NT

Janet Golder is the daughter of Margaret Golder and Sammy Pitjara and grand-daughter of Old Henry Pitjara and Angelina Ngale. She was born in Mulga Bore, Northern Territory.

Janet is married to Ronnie Jangala Bird, whose father is the renowned aboriginal artist Lindsay Bird and mother Ada Bird Petyarre.  Janet is a wonderfully talented artist, taught by her extended family of talented artists. She has adapted a number of styles, predominantly Bush Medicine and ceremonial body paint, using fine dot work and linear patterns. Her works depict Atnwelarre and Kame, Awelye (Women’s Ceremonial Body Paint), Jerma Seed, Bush Yam or Yam Leaf.

Art No : JG-182 
Size : 199 x 83 cm
Price : $4,500
Sale Price : $2,500