Bibi Barba

Bibi Barba

Born : 1968

Tribe : Birrigubbi

Bibi Barba was born in 1968, in Roma, located in Mandandanji tribal area, in Queensland.

She was raised in Liverpool, Sydney, New South Wales.

Bibi Barba is a talented artist, very passionate about her art and her aboriginal heritage. She paints her mother and grandmother’s dreamings.

Bibi Barba is an art teacher, and she has an interesting story: “One day I had a phone call and was asked to go and educate a mystery client and her children about Australian indigenous art and culture, and teach them painting”. Later I found out that she was the actress and director Angelina Jolie.

Flower Petal Dreaming

Art No : BB-136

Size : 122 x 92 Cm