Two Jungala Men

Belinda Wayne Napaltjarri is a senior aboriginal artist from Yuendumu, a small town in central Australia. Belinda has depicted the sad dreamtime story of Two Jungala Men in her painting that is exhibited in her page, ”  “. 

Tale of Two Jungala Men is fascinating and sad at the same time. It represents the Dreamtime story of two Jungala brothers and their father, the blue-tongued lizard man, known as Tjampitjinpa man.

The father asks his two sons to act the tradition role of Warlpiri men and go out hunting. The boys, instead of traveling out into the desert to look for game, kill and roast the old man’s sacred kangaroo. When he returns from ceremonies finding his sons cooking his pet, becomes furious and uses his flashing tongue to light a magical fire. The fire rages through bushland, chasing after the two Jungala brothers as punishment for their wrong doing. The boys flee with their spears, woomeras and Coolamons, as illustrated in the painting, and travel as far as South Australia until they think the flames are dying out. They cautiously return home over the black & charred landscape until they reach Warlukurlangu and it is there that they meet their end and die on the sand as the inferno rages overhead.

The two ‘U’ shapes are the sons fleeing from the flames, as they head east and then south. The blue tongue can be seen in his bush shelter at the centre of the painting, with his fire stick in front of him. The brothers fled as far south as Ernabella in South Australia, then turned north for home not realizing that the flames still pursued them.

Amazing Aboriginal Art., Sydney.

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